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purchase shares online

Online trading to buy and sell shares through stock exchange are popular business in where you have to buy share through bank or any broker house. But, if you talk about digital share to purchase shares online, here there is no broker or broker houses which are required to be involved. Directly you can buy share of any stock and one time investment for any stock. Online trading through exchange you need to connect your bank account and required to make initial fund allocation through your account to prepare buy order and then wait for dividend for a long time up to when company management allocate dividend to share holder. For digital share instantly you are buying one stock and keep on getting dividend from it. There will be daily return about 2% to 3% may be, depending on the company rules. Instant withdrawal, referral income, etc are also added to that but your minimum investment in the site is required. How to invest? When you trade for share through exchange you need a portfolio …